We all experience negative and positive stress, which is a normal part of the human experience of growth. But re-occurring negative stress has a significant impact on our ability to function in all areas of our lives fully; stress can be toxic!

Over the last few years, I’ve regularly worked with thousands (yes, really) of individuals and families to build sustainable self-care practices and routines so that they could continue in their compassionate engagement with others.

What I have experienced when teaching resiliency practices is that one of the most effective ways of decreasing our stress is to address our mindset.

Because of the high efficacy of this type of work, I am thrilled to announce that my new mini-course – Changing Mindset, Decreasing Stress – is available for registration!

In this very manageable course, you will be able to enjoy:

    • Learning Modules
    • An Interactive Workbook
    • Discussion Opportunities
    • Practical Tools to Help Reduce Your Stress

For my lovely readers, I am offering a 50% discount (!!!) for the month of July 2020!

To enjoy the course for just $15, click the button below to get your discounted rate (or, if you got to the page another way, you can use the coupon code HALFFORME).

If now is not the time for you, then rest assured that the course will stay on my site when you are ready to engage in this self-paced, life-improving course; but I do hope you will take advantage of this 50% off savings!

I hope to see you in class!

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Renae Dupuis
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