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Increase Your

Are you interested in beginning to heal an insecure Attachment Style and find your true Self-Worth? Would you like to increase your capacity for healthy relationships?

This coaching will:

  • Provide you with tangible exercises to work with healing concepts in a new way
  • Help you to grow in confidence and understanding of the truth of who you were meant to be.

If you are ready to make a way through your past and into your future, let's get started with your free 30-minute consultation!

Build a Trauma-Informed Ministry

Do you want to make your faith community the safest place for those who have experienced trauma?

Through this coaching opportunity, Ministry leaders will:

  • Discover the theological impact of trauma
  • Become equipped to adopt best practices of creating trauma-sensitive environments that communicate compassion
  • Increase their competencies in trauma-informed approaches to recovery and healing

Click below to get started with your free 30-minute consultation!

Grow a Healing Home

Do you feel hopeless in your parenting? Are you struggling with feeling inadequate as you try to help your child move closer to who they were meant to be?

My coaching services can:

  • Increase your capacity for problem-solving
  • Remind you of your strengths
  • Strengthen your connection with your child
  • Help you maintain compassionate mindset

You are worthy of this investment! Click below to get started with your free 30-minute consultation!

TraumaWise Membership

TraumaWise Learning 
  • Making Sense of Your Worth
  • Wellness Events
  • Trauma-Informed Resources
TraumaWise Membership


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