Thanks for stopping by! It has been an interesting journey that has brought me to this place and I bet you’ve got a story to share, too. My hope is that we can learn from each other as we all navigate through the process of creating healing environments that allow for the best parts of all of us to have a safe place to grow and thrive.

On this site, I’ll be focusing on a few areas:

You’ll also be able to travel along with the things I’m currently pondering and processing

I’m hopeful that you’ll share your responses and that we can have edifying conversations that help us to understand perspectives and remove barriers.

This is where we’ll explore the cost and benefit of bringing our hearts into our interactions with others, especially those who are in a season of suffering

Online learning opportunities to further equip you to expand your capacity to engage in the costly and joyful experience of living a life fully engaged. 

Once we’ve decided to truly engage, sometimes we become weary or fearful and we pull away or allow our hearts to become calloused, so we look at ways to engage in life-giving and supportive experiences that allow us to maintain a compassionate mindset.

If you would like to have me teach, speak, preach, or share at your gathering or organization, you can check out my schedule and information on how to find me at Speaking. I love interacting with people face-to-face and I would love to help equip you and those around you to support the healing process of those who have experienced trauma, relational or otherwise.

If connecting in person isn’t an option at the moment, I’ll settle for online, so feel free to visit Reaching to let me know what questions you may have or about what you are thinking – I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks again for visiting and I am looking forward to seeing what amazing environments we can build together!

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What our participants are saying about their experiences...

Helpful and Restorative

Meditation with Renae is always so so helpful, restorative, simultaneously energizing and calming.

Adoptive Parent


Love the way this was organized. All the instructors really seemed to care and were prepared and involved and made me feel I mattered.


I Learned...

That I’m not alone, there’s lots of others feeling the same burnout (that it’s a normal reaction to difficult situations) and that there is a way to recover. Hearing that “therapists need their own therapists” was very enlightening. If therapists are in need, then even us caregivers are in need of help. That is, don’t just keep sacrificing your self and try and care for others without any help for ourselves.

Adoptive Parent

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