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In this interactive and accessible course, you will develop your custom self-care and wellness routine that will keep you out of burnout and ready to step into thriving!

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After taking my course, people who are exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the edge of burnout will be confident in their ability to prioritize their essential, sustaining, and achievable self-care plan.

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What you Get in the Course

  • 10 modules filled with practical tools you can apply at any stage of life
  • Each module releases every two weeks to help you to discover practices that will give you renewal, strategies, and hope
  • In 5 months, you will have a custom plan and sustainable structure
  • Your purchase gives you free access to my new membership, "The Pause" for 3 months, launching June 2024 (a $141 value)


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Your Course Roadmap

  • Understanding the Need for Self Care
  • How to Identify When You are in Danger of Burning Out
  • Changing Your Mindset
  • Methods of Engaging in Self Care
  • How to Select Effective Practices
  • Caution: Things That Feel Like Self-Care That Really Aren't
  • What To Do When a Practice Stops Working
  • How to Sustain Your Self-Care Routine
  • Building an Effective Support System
  • Your Best Next Step into Thriving


Meet Renae M. Dupuis

Renae M. Dupuis, M.Div (she/her), is the Founder and Chief Enculturation Officer of TraumaWise. She is an influential advocate and educator dedicated to trauma-informed care. With over a decade of experience in caring for trauma-impacted youth, Renae has emerged as a prominent figure in trauma healing and resilience-building.

Renae's profound dedication to equipping individuals, organizations, and communities with trauma-informed practices has garnered recognition and respect in the field. She is passionately committed to developing and sharing sustainable practices for accessing and strengthening environments that foster the expression of truth and authenticity for all people.