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Have you ever wanted to start a month with a clear intention and focus? Or maybe you would like to increase your productivity or change a habit and want to know how to set yourself up for success!

If now is the time to reflect (on the past) and project (into the future) to adjust your heart, mind, body, and soul, we invite you to join us for the Monthly Mindset.

5 Lessons - Easy

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We all experience negative and positive stress, which is a normal part of the human experience of growth. But reoccurring negative stress significantly impacts our ability to fully function in all areas of our lives (including parenting); stress can be toxic! One of the most effective ways to decrease stress is to address our mindset.

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How to Scaffold Your Life for Sustainability

13 Lessons - Easy

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How to Engage in Effective Self-Care when Life Feels Out-of-Control

After taking my course, people who are exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the edge of burnout will be confident in their ability to prioritize their essential, sustaining, and achievable self-care plan.

When you enroll in my course you will have access to 10 modules with practical tools to help you develop practices that will give you renewal, strategies, and hope. Don't miss out on the opportunity engage in this valuable resource!

15 Lessons - Intermediate