Posted on February 3, 2019 by Renae Dupuis

I’ve been working on some handmade cards to send to loved ones this month and I was working up a cute collection of embellishments to use to add some flair and it occurred to me — y’all might want to get your hands on a box of fun objects to use and share for this season!

So I came up with this little giveaway that you can enter by completing some tasks that help others to learn more about my site, my YouTube Channel, and my various FB Pages

The event Runs from Feb 4-11 and is through a Rafflecopter giveaway (just click on this link to open it up)!

As it turns out, everyone who enters may actually win something, so go ahead and try one or all of the things and see if something fun doesn’t come your way!

Please comment below with questions and GOOD LUCK!

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