Congrats to the winners of our first Rafflecopter giveaway!

Thank you all so much for participating in this fun giveaway – it’s been wonderful to connect with so many of you! As promised in my live YouTube video, if more than 10 people entered, I would increase the prize pool and so, here are the winners!

5-Pack of Handmade Cards (3 winners) 

  • Anissa E.
  • Tamara Regan
  • Louise Craney

Valentine’s Day Embellishment Kit (1 winner) 

  • Christie Lu

Special “Share the Love” treat (Everyone Wins!) 

  • All entrants, keep your eyes peeled for an email with details as to how to claim your prize.

Thanks for entering and I hope to connect with you on this site, YouTube, IG, or FB

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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