I have to totally admit, I used to laugh at the idea of a mid-life crisis. Partially because I just can’t see myself driving around in a 1986 red Porche 911 (IYKYK).

Honestly, I thought that the existential crises (yes, that’s plural) that I’ve already experienced would suffice.

But, well, here we are…

Now, don’t worry – I’m *okay* – I’m just really having one of the biggest “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!?!?” moments I’ve ever had.

I’ve learned so much over the last few years, and I’m so thankful for the relationships I’ve developed and the things I’ve experienced. I’m really grateful!

I’m also aware that when we get curious about things and start to release the things that are no longer serving us, the internal decluttering might reveal some places that need attention…which is what’s currently going on with me.

I know you’ve noticed…

I started this business informally a few years ago and then took the plunge on March 16, 2020, to create a legal business entity.

Did you catch that date?

Three days. Three days into the lockdown.

The PERFECT time to launch a business [sarcasm].

And, if you’ve been reading along with any of my journey of healing, you know that the beginning of 2020 is where major breakthroughs started, so it’s been a lot of growth and not a lot of recovery time.

I’m pretty sure that is why I was literally speechless when someone asked me what I do for work the other day.
And I’m pretty sure that at least once you have said to yourself, “She’s nice, but she’s kind of all over the place – I wonder what she really does.”

You’re not the only one.

Please allow me to both thank you and apologize at the same time (see, Linda, I *can* multi-task). Thank you for your patience as I have had confusing messaging, emails, offers, and projects that started, stopped, and flopped. You’ve been so gracious, and you really deserve a medal or something.

But my budget is tiny, so you’ll get this email instead. 🙂 Oh, and as much clarity as I have at the moment – you get that, too!

I’m going to take a brief pause and reevaluate everything I have been doing (or spectacularly failing to do) for the last few years.

I have these big dreams and visions in my brain and in notebooks, and they flow from the recent seasons of healing and not the foundation I started with when Renae M. Dupuis, LLC was first introduced. These are super, cool, awesome opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation, and they need a sustainable foundation that will give you the best opportunity to participate and engage.

What does this mean for you?

Honestly, you might not even notice much for a bit, aside from the changes in my website and the frequency of my email “newsletters.”

I WILL be stopping the memberships for the moment so I can make sure those are meeting needs and not just confusing things, but that won’t affect most people receiving this message.

Ultimately, though, it will mean that in the near future, you’ll get to experience the re-launch of my business and resources in a way that will make so much more sense!

Because you are so wonderful (and have read this far) I wanted to share with you an excerpt from an email that I received today that led me to write this message to you:

You are responsible for holding the vision you want for your life and the impact you want to make.
​Your body of work is responsible for holding you.
If you’re running off of shaky ground, building on offers that aren’t energetically sustainable or don’t light you up, feeling resentful around pricing or the people you serve or how you serve them – you’re simply not being held in the way that you deserve.
​Each individual offer needs to be architected intentionally to stand on its own, but also flow within your offer ecosystem to allow your business to sustainably scale.
​So consider this permission to release, to shift, to pivot, to create something new – to breathe new life and lightness back into the work that you do.

Thank you, again, for being patient and gracious with me during my journey.

I’m so looking forward to connecting after my pause and sharing with you!

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