Once Upon a Time…

…I was known as the most cranky morning person in all the land. Or, at least in my family.

It was a running joke that everyone knew and repeated – “don’t bother her in the morning! It’s Crankysaurus Nae!” 

And I was!

Every morning, I would wake up and actually utter the words “I hate everything and everyone” – even though I didn’t actually hate ANYONE. But at that moment, I was pretty upset about being awake. 

So, I heard the lectures. 

  • I got the articles.
  • I was told it was a character issue.
  • I was told it was a mindset issue.
  • I was told it was a choice.
  • I was told it was my fault.

Basically, it was me —> I was the problem.

What’s a gal to do?

Develop Advanced Coping Strategies, that’s what!

I created routines, adjusted my schedule, and found a way to….successfully avoid people in the morning.

I couldn’t get myself not to wake up peacefully, so I figured a different solution out. And it worked!

Until children.

I had to develop NEW Advanced Coping Strategies and adjust them as needed. Crankysaurus Nae was still there, she just came out at different times.

A few years later, I was talking to a new doctor about my experiences because I was starting to suspect that I had ADHD. In that session, he confirmed the diagnosis and explained that people with this brain adaptation often experience sensory overload that is so strong, it sends them into a survival state. 

He then pointed to my morning experience, and all of a sudden, I realized that every morning I was experiencing the onslaught of sensory overwhelm, which meant that my brain and body felt like everything was a threat, including people I loved.

Wait, WHAT?!?

Do you mean, this might not be permanent? There might be another way?

So, I chose to begin a medication that helped my brain filter sensory input by giving my system what it wasn’t producing on its own, but desperately needed.

And within a few days, I woke up and realized that I was experiencing peace first thing in the morning. Actual, real, miraculous peace (and even gladness) when I saw my people in the AM!

All those decades of hearing and believing that there was something wrong with me, that I was failing to do something right, that my daily struggle and experience was MY FAULT.

But now I knew the truth.

The Truth was that my brain and body were trying to protect me because I didn’t have what I needed to experience life fully. I only had a limited amount of resources, and my brain and body wanted to make sure I survived. 

  • The Truth was that I was doing the best I could.
  • The Truth was that I had to uncover a barrier I didn’t know I had.
  • The Truth was that I needed help to make an adjustment.
  • The Truth was that at my core, my first thought in the morning was actually love.
  • The Truth was that I could only feel and understand that when I had the safety, connection, and support needed to experience a new reality. 

The Truth is that I was being told stories that simply were not true, and I didn’t need to receive or embody them anymore.

And… That’s TRUE for you, too!

All day long, you are bombarded with messages and stories that don’t tell you the truth of who you are. It’s exhausting to sift through them to find what is real and life-giving, and it keeps you from fully experiencing the good things in your life. 

But guess what? You don’t have to just develop Advanced Coping Strategies to survive – you have an opportunity to uncover The Truth of You!

The Truth of You is a 6-month, high-touch coaching experience that leads you on the journey of embodying your authentic self, so that you can embrace your unique role of bringing the good things to yourself and others.

Inside this program, you’ll get:

  • individual and group coaching
  • access to bite-sized modules and tools
  • a pathway that will help you break through the false narratives and tap into the purpose and authenticity that will take you even further than “present” you can even imagine yourself going.

This will give you a firm foundation for making the internal shifts that sustain a life rooted in the truth of you.

I’m so excited to share with you that I’ve opened five (5) beta spots for this program and am ready to start accepting applications for this specially priced beta opportunity.

If you’re ready to experience freedom from false narratives and embrace the joy and peace of confidently embodying your true self in all your spaces and places, then schedule your right-fit call by clicking HERE!

I can’t wait to see The Truth of You!

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Renae Dupuis
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