I like to start all of my presentations with a blank page or slide asking everyone to consider “Why Are You Here Today?” I think it is important for us to start our journeys understanding (or at least seeking to understand) what is our intention or purpose in setting aside time to pay attention to something.

So, why are you here? What led you to this page, this post? I would love to hear from you in the comments about how and why you ended up at this spot!

Why am I Here?
Because I am passionate and committed to bringing awareness and hope to the engagement of healing the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of those who have experienced trauma. My dream would be that many would be committed to the goal of identifying and combating the sources of adversity that destroy or distort the potential that we have to engage in community and thriving relationships.

I hope that this site and the conversations and experiences that flow from it would help to inspire, connect, build, and equip individuals and communities to move toward resilience and transformation.

Thanks for joining me in this first part of this journey and I’m excited to see where we all end up together!


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Renae Dupuis
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