We are so glad you are here!

You are about to start your journey into achievable, sustainable self-care and we're honored to travel with you. 

Soon, you'll receive your log-in details, as well as some information about upcoming events, but we wanted to give you a little peek at your exclusive benefits below. 

Last Sunday of the Month

1 hour at 3pm (PST) on the last Sunday to reflect on the last month, project what you would like to accomplish, and prepare for the next month.

The session includes a themed workbook and will be recorded for The Pause Membership Library so you can engage in the process whenever works best for you!

On the 15th of the Month

A live, 1-hour meditation session to help reset and revive at the mid-point of the month.

Breathe, reflect, and release what might be keeping you from the good stuff. 

Weekly on Wednesdays

Each week, you'll get access to your custom 5-day Microjourney to focus on what is most important to you.

Wellness, without overwhelm!

New Theme Every Month

We focus on new area of wellness each month, giving you a whole-person view in a sustainable, achievable timeline. 

You'll receive a Monthly Tracking tool and regular opportunities to practice new self-care techniques, without the pressure to meet anyone else's standard. You are worth the time!

If you have any questions before you get your emails, please feel free to contact Renae at renae@renaemdupuis.com - we'd love to hear from you!