Okay, y’all, I’m going to do something super scary for me.

I am going to launch a new thing (more than one, actually), and when I think about it, I’m super aware of all of the things I am experiencing in my body.

One thing that the healing journey that I have been on has taught me is that when I feel like this, it is a warning, but maybe not in the way that I used to think. Before, I would pretty much default to the “downstairs” response and fight/fight/freeze response and extricate myself in some way. And that was the right move for that time because that’s as much capacity as I had to respond.

But now, I’m glad that I have developed some new strategies that allow me to assess why I am feeling what I am feeling and then identify if this is a situation I need to leave or lean into. Because the warning is sometimes a “Hey, you! This could be a big deal! Make sure you are scaffolding yourself or asking for help!”

So, here it is!

On Aug 16, I’m launching my new YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@renaemdupuis?sub_confirmation=1


the 30 Day Self Care Challenge – https://renaemdupuis.com/30dayscares-sep2023

I want to share some of the good things with you, so I invite you to join me – YOU actually do deserve this!

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