Wellness Assessment Session


Enroll in the Wellness Assessment Session today to gain a better understanding of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being and take the first step towards achieving a greater sense of balance and well-being in your life.

The Wellness Assessment is a valuable tool for identifying areas of physical, mental, and emotional well-being that require more attention. It can also help individuals gain greater self-awareness and understanding of their values, beliefs, and goals, leading to better-informed decision-making and a more authentic life. By identifying areas of stress or imbalance, individuals can focus on achieving a greater sense of balance and well-being.

Our Sessions are a 1-hour group experience in a safe, online gathering, creating an opportunity for you to unpack your personal Wellness Assessment and discover your next best step on your wellness journey.


Session Date

July 11- 12pm, July 20- 6pm, August 15- 12pm, August 30- 6pm, September 19- 12pm, September 27- 6pm, October 17- 12pm, October 25- 6pm, November 14- 12pm, November 29- 6 pm


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