Self-Care event

Come join a session of community and self-care practices delivered via Zoom.

Join us to enjoy:

  • a safe space to learn about and consider compassion fatigue and secondary trauma
  • custom breakout workshops to introduce and practice care experiences that can be replicated within the home environment to sustain care and combat burnout, compassion fatigue, and toxic stress
  • personalized care-packages delivered to each home
  • referrals to local and virtual options for sustaining care and increasing capacity for resilience

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See what participants are saying!



Love the way this was organized. All the instructors really seemed to care and were prepared and involved and made me feel I mattered.

T.R. Caregiver

I Learned...


That I’m not alone, there’s lots of others feeling the same burnout (that it’s a normal reaction to difficult situations) and that there is a way to recover. Hearing that “therapists need their own therapists” was very enlightening. If therapists are in need, then even us caregivers are in need of help. That is, don’t just keep sacrificing your self and try and care for others without any help for ourselves.

S.S. Adoptive Parent

Helpful and Restorative


Meditation with Renae is always so so helpful, restorative, simultaneously energizing and calming.

K.Z. Adoptive Parent