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To celebrate the upcoming relaunch of Renae M. Dupuis, LLC and my new programs, I have 10 spots available at an AMAZING discount!

Grab this limited flash sale opportunity for a 1-on-1 Wellness Session and get actionable, achievable steps to disrupt the pattern of overload so you can increase your peace. 


Celebration Care Session

"There are too many tabs open in my brain, and I keep getting error messages!"

Have you ever felt like your mind was jumping from thought to thought and task to task? 

Or maybe you felt like you were constantly being reminded of things that you were supposed to be working on and that your attention was being pulled from one thing to another, making it almost impossible to complete any tasks. 

The good news is that you aren’t alone and I’m here to help!

In a 45-minute 1:1 wellness session with me, we’ll get you started on those life-giving first steps that will move you from system overload to system recovery.

When and where

now through June 30th (or until all 10 sessions are booked!)

Various times available (see schedule below) for a 45 minute 1-on-1 Wellness Session.

Usually $225, but on sale for $97 as long as supplies last


Renae M. Dupuis

What You'll Get

Actionable Steps

Words without action won't help you make the changes you need! Instead, you will get clear steps that will move you to the next level of wellness. 

Achievable Steps

We'll avoid broad and sweeping general goals and focus on what is something you can do RIGHT NOW! As you move forward, meeting your goals, you'll experience mastery and peace.

Increased Peace

With each mini-goal, you'll notice a return of your balance, alignment, and clarity. Enojy the return of peace as you step away from overload.

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Renae M. Dupuis

believes you are worth it!

Renae M. Dupuis, M.Div., is a teacher, speaker, writer, and advocate located in Southern California. She is the founder and CEO (Chief Enculturation Officer) of TraumaWise and Renae M. Dupuis, LLC.

Renae is dedicated to supporting the development of spaces and places where people can experience the felt-safety needed to bring their full and authentic selves. 






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